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Using Estate Planning Tools to Protect Your Wishes and Legacy

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney are vital estate planning and probate documents. These documents make certain that your estate is distributed in a manner you’ve decided–either after you pass away or when you are no longer able to manage your own affairs. 

Highly Skilled Attorneys Will Tailor Your Estate Plans

Every person’s circumstances are different. The type of estate plan you create must reflect your circumstances to truly serve its purpose. We take care in drafting documents for you and developing an estate plan that meets your personal circumstances. We always listen to your concerns and carefully tailor a plan that meets your needs.

Guidance During Difficult Times

Having to administer  a lost loved one’s estate or trust can be an overwhelming process during one of the most difficult times of you and your family’s life. We will explain your role, explain the process, and assist you with ultimately distributing and terminating a trust or estate.   


Probate & Trust Administration

 Let our experts guide you through the administration of an estate or trust.

Estate Planning

Let our dedicated attorneys draft an estate plan that meets your goals and fulfills your legacy. 

Adult Guardianship

Our skilled staff can help you care for loved ones who need your help.



Questions Regarding Probate, Wills and Trusts? 

Does every estate need to be probated?

No, every estate is not subject to probate. Let our legal experts review your loved one’s particular circumstances and determine the proper course of action. If probate can be avoided, we’ll let you know. 

How can I get money out of the decedent's bank account?

Generally, if assets are held in a loved one’s name alone, there are preliminary questions that have to be answered to determine the proper course of action. Does your loved one’s estate (taken together) exceed $100,000.00 dollars? If the answer is no, a financial institute will accept a sworn affidavit that will allow you to access your loved one’s account. Let us help you. We can make the process easy and painless. 

How much does it cost to probate an estate?

Probate can be expensive. As estate planning attorneys, it’s out goal to help you avoid probate. A well thought out plan can help you avoid probate.

What happens if a person dies without a will?

If one never writes a will, the state statutes will determine how your estate will be distributed. As an example, if you do nothing, your estate will be split 50% to your spouse (if you’re married) and 50% to your children equally. 

Often times, individuals want their entire estate to go to their surviving spouse first, for their life, and any subsequent assets to go to their kids after the passing of a surviving spouse. 

 A will is necessary to ensure that the above occurs. 

If your estate requires a probate proceeding, your estate will become part of the public record, it will be subject to  a minimum 6 month creditor period, and your family will have to deal with a long and drawn out legal process. A well designed estate plan will help you avoid the pitfall that is probate.

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