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We focus on the details of real estate law so you don’t have to. The challenges facing buyers and sellers of real estate property can be overwhelming. Our experienced team can simplify the process and ensure your rights are protected. 

Purchasing or selling a home for your family or investment property for your small business is an extremely important and costly investment. You want to make sure you know what you are getting from your real estate transaction. Ozinga, Lepore, Campbell & Lord has been helping families and investors buy and sell real estate since 1948. 


Real Estate Law

The ins and outs of real estate law can be complicated. We will go over everything you need to know so that you are ready to buy that dream home.  

Estate Planning

Let our dedicated attorneys draft an estate plan that meets your goals and fulfills your legacy. 



Questions Regarding

Real Estate? 

Do I need a lawyer when buying or selling real estate?

The short answer is, yes.  An experienced real estate attorney will review your contract and negotiate it’s terms. Real Estate law often requires expertise in multiple areas of law: real estate contract law, zoning, easement and boundary line disputes, homeowner association law, landlord tenant law. Our office can help provide clear and practical advice to protect your interest and achieve your goals.  

What does a real estate lawyer do?

A real estate attorney’s primary role is to make the sale or purchase of real estate problem free.  The traditional steps for a real estate transaction are as follows: 

1. Contract review and negotiation 

2. Title examination and insurance 

3. Drafting of legal documents and review

4. Real estate closing

 Our residential real estate experience gives us insights into how to pursue our client’s goals and protect our clients’ important interests.  

How much does representation costs?

The costs of not using a real estate attorney far outweigh the costs of having an attorney. 

You’ll be surprised to know that legal representation is quite affordable. 

Our office charges a flat rate of:  

1. $500 —- For the sale of a residential real estate transaction; and 

2. $550— For the purchase of a residential real estate transaction. 

 The average legal costs to litigate an issue in Cook county is now $250 an hour. The costs to litigate a failed real estate transaction is too costly to not hire representation from the onset. 

What should I be looking for in a real estate lawyer?

Choose a real estate lawyer:

It’s important that you choose an attorney whose central practice is real estate law. Some make the mistake of choosing a family friend who helped with their divorce or an attorney close to them. However, not every attorney can competently represent you in real estate.

Experience Matters: 

Your real estate lawyer should have thousands of transactions and several years experience in real estate.  

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